My Services

Our words create worlds. In this sense, editing is a form of tikkun olam, repairing any flaws in the world of your story. Writing can be seen as an attempt to gather the scattered divine sparks of creation to create something holy.

  • Copyediting. “In a multitude of words, transgression will not be avoided.” – Proverbs 10:19
    The best writing is clean, concise, using words sparingly but effectively, leaving a clear and easy path for the reader to follow. I will help you strip out excess wordiness without losing your voice or message. I will also edit your story for consistency, continuity, clarity, correct word usage, and grammar. I will not only make your words correct, I will make every word count.
  • Original Writing. “Blessed is the One Who spoke, and the world came into being.” – Saadya Gaon
    When we speak through writing, we also create worlds to which to transport a reader. I can create nonexclusive, syndicated Jewish content for your print publication or website, making your readers want to visit that world. Whether it’s something timely relating to a Jewish holiday, a little-known fact of Jewish history, or a reflection on Israel, it will add interest and attract readers.

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